Online keno is one of the easiest games and is also fun to play. This is a game that is almost same as that of the lottery game. Those people who enjoy playing the lotto game often like this game. Those people who love to play keno will be happy to know that there are many online casinos that offer the game for them. People in South Africa do have access for both online and offline casinos. But they opt mostly for the online keno because of the convenience .The feature of playing at home at their comfort had attracted most of the South African players. South African players are the fans of the online casino games.


Online keno

This game consists of a grid that contain numbers that ranges from 1 to 80.Around 15 numbers are then picked from this .The software that is available in the online casino selects around 20 numbers on random basis that is available in the keno card. If any one number is picked by the player then the number gets selected. If the number that is drawn by the casino and the number picked by the player is not the same then it will be marked as X with red colour marked in it. The payment to the players is made accordingly.

As per the numbers that are picked by the player i.e. the 15 numbers the player is able to play more than one keno game. They just have to click on the option that is given as play 1, play 10 etc. Another option that is available is the ‘quick pick’ button by which this helps in choosing the numbers for them randomly. If the number selected need to be changed then a ‘clear’ button can be chosen. Even the individual number can be changed if clicked on the same. All these can be done before the game starts.

Online casinos gives the player many opportunities and offers with the bonus and various promotions .This helps them in utilizing and benefit in enjoying the game and having lots of fun with the game. Also the bankroll can also be increased with this.

One thing that should be kept in mind is that while going for an online casino they need to ensure for the best way so that the players can have the great time in the casino.

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The players should check on what section this game is been offered by the casino. That is whether it is given in any kind of specialty section or as a side game.After that it should be checked if the game that is offered by them is a reputable one and also if it is run on a well software. It will be also good if the online casino is able to provide a better customer service so that they can ensure that a support can be received in case of any help. This is a game which is mostly enjoyed by many of the players. The reason is that it is found to be easy to play and a better amount of money can be won on this. They can also gain a good experience for this game as there are many online casinos that offer the game free. Even when the version differs the players can have a great time and enjoy this. Even there are many people who enjoy the game in the gap of playing other casino games. There are players who log daily to play the game for hours.

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Mobile keno

Mobile keno

One of the popular online casino games that can be easily downloaded into the mobile is the Keno game. This game is so easier that it had got fit into any device like the self phones. This is having the same effect similar to like playing in a casino. Wagering can be made for 20 numbers which is same as the rules of the land based keno game. There is no limit for playing the game on mobiles. This can be played by real money as much as they want. Only one doubt that the people had is about the security for the money. Since a lot of money and time is spend for developing the technology of developing the game in the mob we can be sure that all the transactions are found to be safe in this mobile. They can choose their own options of money and play the game. This feature and benefits for this online casino game makes every South African player attract towards this.

Free keno

  • One of the important parts that we should check for this is that we should find the casino which offers with the maximum payout. Online casino always provides more payouts when compared to that of the land based payout. This can also help in decreasing the house edge .As per the law, now it has become mandatory to display the payout percentage which helps the players in all manners.
  • Before starting to play with money it is always better to practice and have an experience. There are many online casinos that offer free games .This helps in improving our skills and to check whether our strategy can work out for the game. This is one of the methods that help to take the benefit without losing the money. Once the rules and the winning strategy are understood we can play for real money.
  • Choosing less numbers is one of the strategies for winning the game. It is always better if we pick only 5 to 6 numbers as the odd for winning the game reduces as we choose more numbers. Some of the people choose around 10 numbers which will be difficult later for winning the game.
  • If we feel that any particular number can increase the chance for winning the game we can go to this. Sometimes this can be our lucky number for the game .This might sometimes be the date of birth or any particular event. It is not sure that the person can win the game by applying this method but there are people who had won the game by adopting this strategy.
  • When we choose the numbers among the 80 it is always better to choose consecutive numbers. This because we can notice that many people who play lotteries and bingo pick the options of consecutive numbers which had later increased the chance of winning the game.
  • Always selecting the number that has not come for sometime can be chosen and this can also be better choice. Even though this game is played on the basis of the random numbers there are chances for winning the game using these methods.
  • Many casinos offer multi race cards. This helps in utilizing the ticket for many games.
  • One of the important points is that we should have an understanding on the game. Proper knowledge of the game is an essential factor for this. There are 80 balls that are pulled from the bubble after getting mixed up. Only one ball is chosen at a time. As the screen displays the number the player marks it in the card. Balls of 20 numbers are drawn for each game.
  • Another tip for this game is to know how to bet. Wager will be placed before the game. The player will choose the number that comes between 1 and 20.They places the bet on believing that the number that is chosen by them will be same as one that is pulled out from the bubble. Depending on the correct numbers payment will be done.
  • A point that should be kept in mind is that the game is not based on ones skill. Players do not have any control on the numbers that are got pulled from the bubble. Only thing that depends on them is to pick the right numbers which is highly based on the luck.
  • Some of the online casinos offer a particular bonus amount for the game .So it is always better to utilize this and play the game with the bonus amount that are offered by them.
  • Choosing the adjacent digits is also a good option.
  • People always want to enjoy the best odds that are available. We can place larger bets with the help of the keno bonus and thereby increase the winning rates. Some of the online casinos give bonus during the sign up so as to attract more people in joining them.
  • The money that we want to put on the numbers that are selected should be decided. Also the number of free keno games that we need to play also needs to be determined.

Keno game mostly depends on the luck of the person. Since this is a game in which the numbers are selected on a random basis the result cannot be predicted.