Black jack

Black jack is popular and one of the top listed game of casinos. Black jack is believed to have its roots in France. After French Revolution it was migrated to USA. According to some historians modern Black jack is descendant of a Spanish Game “Ventiuna” which is replica of the English “Twenty-One”. At times it became world famous and allures large number of players.

The goal of blackjack players is to achieve a hand whose total score nearer to 21 when compared to the bankers hand, but total score should not exceed 21, if exceeds than it’s a bust.52 card deck without jokers are used. Deck differs from casino to casino. There are various kinds of black jacking the most common is Shoe game. Shoe is a device which is placed to the left of the dealer on the table. Deck count may vary from2 to 8 decks in the shoe. If fewer decks are used cards need to be reshuffled after every single hand. So generally casinos use several decks to speed up the game and to make card counting more difficult.

Black jack is played on an exclusively designed table. Dealer of the table is employed by casino. Table allows for 5 to 7 players simultaneously, each player has a space of playing area, where cards are placed and bets are challenged. Each table have its own maximum and minimum betting value. Player must check for maximum and minimum betting limits before rolling into bet. Dealer shuffles the cards and ask to place a “Cut card” in the deck in order to keep the dealer informed about shuffling of the cards.

Online Blackjack

Cards from 2 to 10 have value at the value of the card. Face cards (J, Q, K) valued at 10 each. Ace card value either will be counted 11 or 1 as per the third card pick. Player who dealt with Ace is called Soft Hand. For suppose if a hand has Ace and 6 than it is a Soft 17 (here Ace value is taken as 11, so (11+6)).If the hand is Busted (more than 21) by drawing third card, than Ace value is counted as 1 instead of 11,to say if third card picked is 10 than total score will be 17(here Ace value is considered as 1,than (1+6+10=17)).

Start up with game

The game begins with excitement of betting, than all players and dealer will deal with initial two cards. Players can face up or down the cards depending on the casinos or tables. Dealer face up one card and face down one card. The dealer to see their face down card uses a small mirror on the online blackjack table called “Peeker” or “Peeper”, but dealer will not reveal the card to the players. Actually this is the trick with helps the dealer to control his betting amount.

If a players holds a score of total 21 with initial two cards than this is called Black jack or Natural. Natural Black jack is also called “Snapper” because player will “Snap” down their cards upon receiving a Black jack. If dealer holds a score of total 21, natural than it be a tie and the players bet amount is remained in the bet box. If a player has natural with initial cards then he is get payoff in 3:2 instead of normal 1:1.

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Blackjack Game changer-Third card pick

All players and dealer are allowed to hit additional card to improve their hand. Dealers will the last to hit the additional card. Here dealer has an advantage, as players Hits the third first, Players have a chance of Bust, so dealer need not risk. As dealer face up one of his card it is advantage to players to decide their play accordingly. Hitting or Standing is purely players choice.

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Free Blackjack

Split- If a player deals with two similar initial cards than he can split them into two hands and he can play two hands separately but he need to add an additional bet.

Double Down- Player can Double Down his bet value on his first two cards, if he has a good hand means chances of Bust is very low.

Insurance – If the dealer has a good hand or mostly if dealer dealt with Ace than dealer informs the players to make an “Insurance” before the first player plays. Players take payoff in 2:1.Insurance is a voluntary bet, if player thinks the dealer has a Black jack than he goes for insurance. If dealer don’t read the score of Black jack than the insurance money bet by the player is lost.

Even money – This is same as insurance. If the player has Black jack and believes that dealer is also having a score of black jack than player should go for Even Money. The bonus player get for Black jack goes for pay of insurance and player gets paid Even Money. Even Money is a smart way to play because the player gets sure payoff.

Surrender- It is the option which player can choose on his first two cards. This means automatic loss instead of losing whole bet value player loss half the value of the bet amount. A player can’t surrender if the dealer is having Black jack. Surrender is not common in all casinos, they may have it or not.

Strategies what to do and what not to do

One thing a beginner should do while playing free blackjack is play basic strategy that’s only way player can lose less money than anybody else.

Always split Aces and 8s, Double Down on 11 and Stand on hard 17 or greater. Never split 5s and 10s and never stand on 12 through 16 if dealer is showing 7 or higher card. Always try to choose a table with fewer decks above two and below five. Better never go for Insurance rather go for Even Money. It’s always safe to carry a “Basic Strategy Chart” as a beginner. Beware and check whether dealer or any player wearing tinted sunglasses or special contact lenses.

Altered payment for winning Black jack

In most of the casinos, Black jack pays only 6:5 or 1:1 instead of usual pay 3:2.

Black jack – A game of skill & numbers

On the outside Black jack looks simple with easy rules but as soon as you start to dig deep you discover a game of chance combined with a skill of numbers.

Rules of the game

Played with a set of one or more deck, each card 2 to 10 is worth its face value.

Ace is worth 1 or 11

Face cards are worth 10.

You are required to draw cards that sum up to 21 or at least closest, which must be greater than the dealer’s cards without going over.

The game begins with bets being placed after which the dealer and the players receive two cards each. Once the cards are dealt it’s up to the players how to proceed with their hands. When the dealer plays his hand, he is required to draw cards worth 16 or less and must stand on total of 17 or more.

Hit –If you hit, you can draw another card to get closer to the total of 21. If your total exceeds 21 you lose the bet.

Stand – If you choose to not draw cards, you choose to stand in hope that your cards will reach the required total of closer to 21 or beat the dealer.

Double down –It’s a double down when you double your original bet and receive one additional card. In some cases you can double down on two cards.

Split-You can split your pair if you receive two cards of the same value. You can then make a second bet equal to first bet and play two separate hands.

Insurance – You may opt for insurance if the dealer’s face up card is an Ace. Insurance can be taken for half the value of your original bet. The insurance pay is 2-1 in case the dealer has black jack.

Blackjack – Game of luck

Black jack is a game of luck, but this is the only game with fair chance to win over the house. You just need to learn a few tricks and count the cards, which is a skill in itself. Don’t be superstitious; this is a game of mathematics. Learn the basics and master a perfect strategy. The house has an advantage over player as the player plays first, but you can apply you skills to get ahead. The players can lower or raise an amount whereas the house cannot continue when it hits 17. Small number cards benefit the house and the large number cards benefit the players. Learn the Hi-lo method of counting. Practice on computer simulated games. The more you practice the better you get. Keep track of your moves and form a strategy of your own. Practice a lot, read books that help you learn how to count. Bet only as much as you can afford to lose. Control your mind and chose to respond to certain events in a certain manner. You win some and you lose some, remember this and act accordingly.