How to play craps?

Craps is a popular game in the gaming circuit and is one of the reasons many people play it and also more monies are involved. Craps is very enjoyable and loud on the ear game. It’s a game which does not involve too much high risk taking, hence beginners and regulars take it easy and it becomes a fun filled game. Craps offers the widest variety of bets in the casino with dozens of wagering options. Not all bets need to be played but the few that can be played are considered the best bets in the casino. Craps is the table game wherein there is potential for fast and large wins for the players. Emotions fly high in this game and players are not afraid to show them, the shouts of enthusiasm may intimidate new players when venturing into this play area, but it’s all part of the fun when you start yourself.


The origin of craps has been accorded to hazard the English game with a few minor changes. With explorers and others who went to battle in foreign lands brought this game to many different countries. The present version of this game was rightfully invented by John H. Winn, a dice maker from America. He has introduced the option don’t pass which the earlier side of craps did not have and hence was misused by the gamblers to their benefit causing a loss to the casino.

The name craps came from the French word crapaud, meaning toad. People who played on the street side crouched on either side and rolled the dice on the curb. The army men too played in their spare time on their blankets to control the roll of the dice.

play craps

Rules for crap

Two dice are used for the game; both of them have to be rolled out simultaneously. The player can place bets on his own roll out and the others too can bet on it too.

Number of players

This game is played with a solo player or multiple number of players. There are usually four casino personnel to help to play. They give out the chips, place the bets, handing out the dice, call out the numbers etc. Usually this game involves all the players standing around the table either placing their bets or rolling the dice out.

Design of Crap table

The crap table is of oriental shape with two long sides, one is the casino’s bank with stacks of chips kept for betting. The right and left sections which are U shaped are the betting areas and marked the same. The walls around this section mirror the dice coming from the contrary direction.

Craps are played at a frantic pace and there are chances of mistakes so all the four employees co ordinate each other’s tasks as to minimize the chances of error. Sometimes casinos have mini crap tables to manage better. It is played in homes, road sides but with cash as wagers and the level of fairness in dice throw and payouts all depends on the players policies and cheating can be involved. But it’s all in the spirit of the game, you might know that this game can mostly be played anywhere and casino just provides the ambience.

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How to play craps?

The pass line is for the bettors on the shooters side and don’t pass for players who bet in opposition to the shooter. The come and don’t come are also similar to the above but used later in the game. Then one roll bets and also the hard way bets. There also section called the field for one roll bets. The boxes with 4, 5, six, 8, nine and 10 aware for place bets or buy bets. The big 6 or big 8 bets will come up before a 7.

Now you can well start to know the game a little better and not be intimidated by the huge craps table in front you with lots of markings.

When you come to the craps table there would be a puck or button with on or off, which is kept away from the points. A bets hold should be placed at the beginning of play. The bet can be placed on the pass line or don’t pass line. A person can lay a bet on the pass line if they want to. The shooter’s first roll is regarded the come out roll.

The come out roll is 11 or 7 then the bets placed if any different number rolls out they lose. Those other numbers that may roll out are called crap. The players who had placed bets on the don’t pass will win, because as mentioned above they would placed the in opposition to the shooter. The numbers which qualify for don’t pass is 2,3 and 12. Any other numb qualifies for a point.

Here if the point is 5, then the shooter has to get 5 before he gets a 7. If he doesn’t get a 5 but 7 he loses his bet and he has to turn over the dice to the subsequent player. This player is also called a severed out. If he gets a 5 he wins and everyone on the pass line does so. If any other number, i.e. Other than 5 or 7 it doesn’t matter.

Placing bets on the pass line is not always so profitable but there are other bets out which the odds-betting is considered the most preferred and there are much more chances of winning when placing a bet.

If the shooter hits the point you profit on the pass/ don’t pass line and odds bet too. To earn more it’s good to place more chips on odds-betting than on the pass line. The odds-betting can be increased or decreased at any time.

 Down the line, as you play and get the hang of the basics involved, you can take the risk a notch higher and place bets which are little more risky. Such bets are called field bets. These bets can be laid earlier than the roll out and place propositions known as hard ways earlier than the actual roll. The chances of getting 8 and 6 are more so placing a bet those are obvious, hence the dealer knows the odds against the casino, so he will charge a percentage of the winnings from the bet placed on those two numbers.

Dos and don’ts

Don’t hand cash directly to the dealer and while tipping the dealer, it should be done in chips. After placing your bet take off your hands from the table region, as this game moves at a frantic pace, this would avoid interference. The dice has to be flipped to the table’s other side.

The dice has to be rolled off from one hand only and hit the other side table wall and bounce back. Here you have to toss the dice, if the dice falls off or does not go across the table; it has to be played again.

While playing going in for simpler bets is fine, but if you want to earn more than the taking a risk is ok but you should know what odds you are against. In every casino game, the house has to have an edge. So, 7 being the most likely outcome, the house will own it.

The pass line bettors are called the right bettors, and who in opposition to the shooters are called the wrong bettors. Don’t come bettors have an edge over the house. The house percentage is huge on proposition bets.

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Tips and strategies

craps rules

An odds bet can be placed be placed after the shooter has established a point in the come out roll. The win loss rules and come out rules and their difference between them. The betting rules may have slight variations in different casinos and it’s better to go through them before playing. It’s better to bet on the don’t pass line and not the pass line. There can be 100 decisions per hour at craps because craps players can have several bets running at once. And large bankroll will be required.

Beginners should limit themselves to a handful of bets.

  • Starting with a pass or don’t pass will let you have minimum risk and maximum chances of winning.
  • The dice is rolled fast and constantly and split second decisions have to be made and you should be alert at all times.
  • If you are on a winning line you can decide to increase your three come bets in addition to your pass bet.
  • It is startling to know that there are 40 different kinds of bets, but you need to play so many and only few practiced ones will see you through. Here you determine your own fate. The bad bets are also called sucker bets.
  • When someone is throwing numbers, it means they are on roll, as they are getting lots of throws without hitting the 7. Higher the odds, smaller the house edge.
  • Always make a pass line bet and make a new one when you lose one. When a point is made , make as many odds bets allowed on the passing line. When a point is made, you have to make come bets until one come point is set. When come point is made you have to make as many odds bet allowed.

Here is all there is to know, more is there but you are good to go for a beginner with the above skills handy for you to utilize.