How to play casino?

There are so many casino games that are available online under many categories in the online casinos. There is always something for a South African player to choose from.

Types of online casino games:

One can choose from the below list of available games in any South African online casino.

  1. Online Slots
  2. Online Dice Games
    1. Craps
  3. Online Card Games
    1. Blackjack and
    2. Poker
  4. Online Video Poker
  5. Online Roulette
  6. Online Number-Based Games
    1. Bingo and
    2. Keno
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How to play casino games? Well, let us look at these games and their descriptions in a detailed way.

1.Online slots:

These are the most kind of games that people tend to play. There are dedicated casinos just for playing slots for slot enthusiasts. Online slots are of many kinds.

  • Single line
  • multi line
  • classic slots
  • multi spin slots
  • multi line spin slots

One can select from the endless list of slots available online

2.Dice Games – Craps

This is a game of luck by throwing a pair of dice and the outcome of the dice is the one on which you play the game on. The total number that appears on dice combination follows how you play the game ahead. This can also be played strategically as well. Even though outcome of the dice is dependent on the luck, but what you can control are the bets that you bet on. Placing wise bets can work in your favor.

There are many ways you can actually bet in a game of craps. It is advisable to learn all the rules and terms of the game quite well. All the information is available online and there is a lot you can learn about the game.

3.Online card games:

They are hot favorite in the South African online casinos. The players in South Africa tend to like this game because it not only depends on luck but also on strategies. This lets the gamers influence the outcome of the game.

There are two favorite games in South African players and they are poker and blackjack. These games have been played since centuries.

Blackjack is all about beating the dealer and one can do so by coming as close as possible to the number “21” in the card points.

Poker is also a skill game which is played against the dealer and other players. Even though the draw of cards cannot be influenced but the 5 cards that you are given to deal with. You can influence the outcome of the game by holding or discarding the games.

4.Online video poker

This is a combination of poker and slots. As this is played on a slot like machine where the player places his bets and the cards are now dealt in a random way by the number generator. One needs to have the strongest 5 card game in hand to win just like classic poker.

5.Online Roulette

Roulette is played on a special kind of table with a wheel and betting areas. The gamer needs to place his bets on various kinds of outcomes. The wheel on the roulette table is spun or rotated by the croupier and now all the gamers wait to see where the ball land. Place where the ball lands on the amount of winning you win or lose. This depends on a specific number, color or outcome. There are many kinds of roulette games. European, French or American.

6.Online Number-Based Games

These number games like bingo and keno are enjoyed all over south Africa. These two games are number driven games and as well as luck driven games. All one needs to do is place the bet on the chosen card or chosen number. You need not be an old person to play such games. Anyone and everyone can enjoy a game of bingo or keno online. They are easy to play and a favorite pass time of South Africa.

Popular Slots

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Casino bonus and promotions

As the online casino business is booming so is the competition in this field. Casinos are trying their best to be on the top of their game. They do everything to attract as many customers as they can and one such thing is the casino bonus.

Now a days’, they are one of the biggest reasons to play with your money online.  One can make extra cash just by playing online games. There is an ongoing casino war between the casino business entities and they are constantly trying to outdo each other by making exciting offers to the online gamers. This is the strategy to attract as many online gamers as possible.

How to play casino games without any hassles? Well, you must always trust your money with the best and biggest casinos available. Free money is given away to all the gamers who sign up and start playing with a particular gaming site.

There are various types of casino bonus money.

  • Sign up bonus or the welcome bonus
  • No Deposit Bonuses
  • Monthly bonuses and promotions
  • High Roller bonuses
  • Game Specific bonuses
  • Device Specific bonuses
  1. Sign up bonus

Sign up bonus or the welcome bonus is one of the most popular bonus given by the casinos now a day. It means what it says. You sign up and you get a bonus.

To explain in detail, it means you deposit money and bonus gets added to your casino bankroll. But one needs to be very careful when dealing with such bonuses. As this is a business entity and cannot be trusted with your money blindly. So do read the fine print, or the terms and conditions carefully.

So the catch here is that you cannot withdraw or utilize your bonus, the free bonus given to you until you have made a certain number of bets from your account. So this minimum amount to be bet is called as the wager requirement. Sometimes they term it as terms and conditions apply or they even call it as play through.

1a. Wager requirement:

What is the Need:

An online business like casino need to protect them, hence there is a need for the wager requirement.  If any smart and experienced player would play their luck, win the money in poker and leave, then the casino would end up losing money. So hence to protect their business against such smart players a wager requirement is needed.

  2.No deposit bonus:

This is another popular way to attract gamers who are hesitant to deposit their money initially. So, one can try out the new casino without risking any of the real money. One needs to create an account online to play. And before you deposit any kind of money to play, a bonus is offered. These bonuses are quite small in number, but the advantage is one can play freely without having the risk of losing their own real money.

There is again a catch here. If you win with the bonus money offered to you cannot withdraw that amount. You need to make an initial deposit into your account in order to withdraw the winnings.

  3.Monthly bonuses and promotions

This is a kind of promotion applied by the online casino websites to keep the players interested in their website for prolong periods of time. The online business entities do offer a monthly promotion or even a kind of seasonal promotional offer. These promotions are run throughout the year. They can be of any kind. Additional deposit money or free spins or any type of points are supposed to be redeemed with a certain period of time.

  4.High Roller bonuses:

This simply means a Very important people’s bonus or a VIP bonus. A gamer becomes a VIP depending upon the amount of money he has gambled online which will lead to gaining loyalty points with the website. You shall receive loyalty points of the amount of money that you spend. Once you become a VIP, you will receive perks that regular gamer ma not receive. Perks can range from free games, free vacations or free invite to high roller conferences.

  5.Game Specific bonuses

Casinos tend to offer any kind of game specific bonuses like free spins, free points etc. these are specific to certain games and can change as per the casinos seasonal promotions. You will be eligible to receive these bonuses only of you play the featured specific game.

  6.Device specific bonuses

Casinos want people to try their mobile site and hence they offer you a bonus if you try their mobile website.

Be ready to try new games that are available online. So, when you decide to play a new game online, it is always wise to play the game first and you can do this by just choosing the practice mode and enjoy playing the game for free. Once you are comfortable with the rules and terms of the game, you can switch to the real money mode and start earning many Rands on the South African online casinos.