Bingo is a game that is usually found playing in many casinos. Bingo game is of different variations like 75-ball, 90-ball, 80-ball and many other types. If the ball which is randomly selected contain the same number that matches with the number in the card then the player wins the game. Playing the game online is very easy for the users as many of the sites provides with the benefit of auto play in the sites. Only thing that the player needs to do is to choose the variation for the game and the amount that he needs to bet for the game. All the other parts are automatically done. The numbers gets automatically marked off as most of the online sites provide this facility.

Online Bingo

Online Bingo in South Africa is quite popular like all other casino games, many of which you can find by visiting There are many sites that are available for this. Only thing is that we should search for the same .The game was first started in the country Italy .If we notice the bingo balls we can see that it is almost similar to that of the balls that are used in the South African lottery. The people n South Arica love in participating in the games that is similar to that of the lottery style. Due to the advance of the technology mobile has gained an important place in the hands of many people and also this plays a major role in the market of casinos. Advance of technology has also given way to the development of mobile casino in South Africa.

Forms of the game

Single Player Bingo

The game Bingo consists of mainly two types. This will be a Single player Bingo and the other one is the multiplayer bingo. The type single player bingo is mainly for those who like to play the game themselves. For such players online casino games are better and they can play the game as per their wish at their own pace. After selecting the amount that the player is ready to bet then the game begins. Balls that are numbered are selected by the Random Number Generator. If the number in the ball that is drawn matches with same that of the number that is mentioned on the card of the player this gets automatically marked. Online Bingo sites and the online casinos use this random number generator which is created with the help of programs or the computer algorithms helps in the generation of the numbers on a random basis. Hence we can completely believe on this online game. This game consists of a pay table which displays all the information that are related to the pay that is offered and the winning numbers. Single player game offers bonus that includes more games for the players.

Multi Player Bingo

Multiplayer bingo is another type of game in which the game is played against many other players. After the registration with the online casino the game that the player needs to play should be decided. The game get split into rooms in which each room will be having different entry cost. After the choice of the rooms and a new card then the numbers are drawn. If the drawn number is same as that in the card then the player wins the game. The prize that the player is offered often depend on the casino and the entry fee for each rooms .By playing the multiplayer game the player gets an opportunity for more interaction with the other players by suggesting the chat option of the game. In this manner they get the feeling that they are playing the game similar to that of the traditional bingo.

Rules to play Bingo

Below are the rules that should be followed to play Online Bingo

  • Before a start for this game we should find a site and download the game. After getting registered with the site an open room should be found out so as to start with the game. By the time it gets downloaded we can have a check on the layout of the site.
  • The amount for the bet needs to be decided. The number of cards that we need to buy and required to play should be chosen.
  • Click on the button ‘play’ or the ‘roll’ to see the numbers that are drawn.
  • If the number drawn is same as that of the number that is mentioned in the card it should be marked. Most of the online sites mark this automatically ensuring that a miss out doesn’t happen.
  • If the player gets the numbers matched then he wins the game.
  • In case of the 75 ball bingo the payout for the player depends mainly on the patterns and for the 90 ball bingo the payout will be based on the lines that we get.
  • In a 75 ball bingo the numbers are marked on a card consists of 25 numbers which is laid in 5 horizontal and vertical lines.
  • In case of a 90 ball bingo this consists of 3 horizontal lines and 9 columns vertically.
  • Chat games are also one such that is offered by the online casinos. This helps to win the credits and several other prizes .On playing such games this helps to interact with other players. This may consist of Trivia game, buddy game and the number game.
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Free Bingo

Before starting the game we should make sure that the game that are going to play is fit for us. There are some strategies that we should look into this.

  • Specifically choosing an online bingo site is better than selecting the online site of a casino that offers the game Bingo. Individual bingo site offers many choice of the game and options of the multiplayer game. Lots of fun and chat can be enjoyed in this type of sites.
  • A site that offers the game regularly is the best to play.
  • Betting limits need to be verified and should also ensure that it is the maximum limit.
  • Some of the sites provide the loyalty points. It is better to choose those rooms that offer points that can be converted to money and benefit the player in a better manner.
  • Options of the tournament games make the game more exciting and offer more jackpots which are not provided for other games.
  • Options for the extra games like the slots and the scratch cards can be opted.
  • Getting bonus points on each game will be one benefit that all the players wish to have. Not only a licensed and a reputable online site is important but a site which offers bonus points while signing up should be noted .The bonus that will be attained during signing up will be free and this can be converted to real money. The player can practice with more games using this bonus and gain a confidence on the site.
  • The sites that offer deposit bonus also can be checked out. This can increase the chance for playing the game for a long time.
  • Chat Rooms of the game can be utilised in a better way so that new tips can be gained from the other players.
  • Select only legitimate sites. A well research should be done before going for the game. Bingo scams also need to be careful by which the chance to be cheated gets increased.
  • Playing time for the game should be chosen in a wise manner so that the winning chance gets increased.
  • Avoid playing with too many cards. Sometimes players might get tempted to use ten cards thinking that this may increase the chance of winning the game. Playing with 3 to 4 cards for a game increases the chance of winning and helps in keeping the track for the game.
  • Before playing the game the prize of the game should be checked and also need to note how much will the casino offer for the game.
  • Bingo strategy system can be also be used to win the free bingo online. This may include Granville’s and the other one is the Tippett’s.

 As per Granville the bingo card can be selected with numbers making the card symmetric. There are also patterns to this card which increases the winning chance for the game. Some of the points need to be checked after getting the card. The bingo card need to have an equal number with odd or even number or should have high or lower number. Same amount of numbers should be attained from 1 to 9.

  • As per the Tippett’s strategy, while playing the 75 ball game as the time for the game gets increased there is more chance that the numbers gets close to 35 which is the medium number. If playing a special game which is short bingo cards should be chosen from numbers that are close to that of 1 and 75.

Bingo board with number closer to 38 should be chosen.