How to play blackjack?

Today in the world of technology there is no one who doesn’t carry a mobile in their hands whether it be an android or I-phone. Also the games in the mobile have also become popular. In such manner online casinos has developed their technology and the casino games are very much available in all the mobile devices.

play blackjack

Online Blackjack

Online casinos offer a range of games to provide you entertainment. They are also the venue for you to make a huge earning, provided you play it right. You are equally at risk to lose your winnings, if you do not play properly. So, strategizing your moves and games will give you a better chance at making money out of your gaming experience, than just playing at random with no ideas in mind. Online casinos give you the better version of the all-time casino favorite—Blackjack! The online version makes up for the absence of the physical atmosphere of a real casino by providing the perfect entertainment with more appeal and winning chances at the online game. Visit an online casino in South Africa now to play a card game now!

Blackjack is the most interesting and intriguing game in casinos world over as it is the oldest and fascinating game to play. The blackjack has inspired many other casino games such as Spanish A21 and pontoon.

 Blackjack has an interesting history and has been referenced from the book DON QUIXOTE. Beating the dealer is the primary objective of the game. The game is played with one or more decks of 52 cards and the player getting a score of making 21 in the first two cards is a natural and usually it is with the black jack hence the name BLACKJACK. It has the alternative name twenty-one.

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What the online version of blackjack involves

Blackjack is one of the most exciting online casino games. This game allows you to win loads of money with a little strategy and offers you intense entertainment and thrill in the process. You can use your counting skills and overcome any short losses by making a big win in no time when you play your cards right.

When playing online blackjack, you utilize the same basic strategies as you would in the real version of this game. When you sign up with an online casino, you will most probably win some initial joining casino bonus. You can put this to good use by attempting a game or two using this bonus and try out the strategies you have in mind. Use the progression from card counting to increase the bets when the cards swing in your favor. Make sure your bets are lesser when the edge is to the dealer’s benefit.

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blackjack rules

The player should not reach a total exceeding 21 which will make the player go bust. The number of players can range from 2 to 6.

The game starts clockwise and the players compete with the dealer.

How to play blackjack? Blackjack is played on a specific table which is of semi-circle shape. Each player has his or her circle or square to place the bet. The chips have to be bought from the dealer to place the bet. Only chips put on the betting circle count. The dealer is required to hit till the player wants a total of 17 or any more points. The ace can have the value of one or 11 and the face cards have the value of 10 and remaining cards have their face value. The dealer loses the game when he has a lesser hand. However, if they show the same total it’s called the push and they player doesn’t lose or win any money.

A hand that does not have an ace is called a hard hand as it only has one value. The hand that contains ace is called a soft hand. The game has rule variations after 1960 .The betting has minimum and maximum limits, the general limits are $2 to $5000.The bets have to be placed before the cards are dealt. There are hand gestures involved in communication g with the dealer hence the dealer knows when to ‘hit’ or stay. The dealer can reveal only one of his cards to initially. If the face-up card of the dealer is a ten card or an ace, he look to see if its natural, if not he does not look down at the other card until its dealers turn to play. Scratching the table is for hit and waving the hand sideways signals to stand or no more.

Black jack can be played with multiple players and individually too in four forms –

  1. Single player
  2. Multi hand Single player
  3. Multi player and
  4. Multi hand Multiplayer

Splitting pairs – if you have the cards of the same denominations, then you can split them into two separate hands and hit them separately.

Doubling down – Another option for the players of this game is doubling their bet from the ones place on the two cards initially, if the player has split a pair and has done a double down or he could play in the regular way. But the dealer does not have this option.

Insurance – If the dealer had an ace up as his first card then the players can make an insurance bet of half the amount of the bet that they had initially placed. If the it a ten face down card of the dealers the players who had placed the bet win and paid the double the amount of the bet they had placed. If the blackjack occurs for the dealer the player loses his insurance as well as his main bet.

Settlement – A bet once paid and collected is never returned hence an advantage to the dealer as the player goes first.


Some casinos might allow you to surrender your hand and give up half your bet on your initial two cards after the dealer checks for a blackjack, this is called late surrender.

Tips and strategies

The players should have a strategy in place as they checkout their upwards with the dealer up card. The player should not stay and hit till he gets a drawing total of 17 or more. It should be ascertained by the player that he should not hit if there are chances of going bust. With a soft hand the basic strategy is to keep hitting at least till a total of 18.The basic strategy of doubling down, the player should double down unless the dealer has an ace face up or a ten card.

For splitting the players should always split a pair of aces or eights, identical 10 cards should not be split, neither should be a pair of fives or fours and even a sixes u class the dealers card is poor, so the remaining numbers to be split are 2,3, and 7. However there is a mathematically proven basic strategy to determine when to hit or stand-

  • If your first cards total 12-16 it’s a stiff hand( it could be busted with a hit)
  • If the dealer’s cards 2-6 it’s a stiff hand for the dealer.
  • If you have 17 or more its pat hand and you stand
  • If the dealer has 7-ace it’s a pat hand for the dealer
  • If both of you have stiff then you stand
  • If you have stiff and dealer has a pat hand then you hit.

This strategy is for a first timer as you go along you develops the nuances of play.

The best part of playing Online Blackjack in South Africa is that though you are not physically present in the casino yet you get the feel of sitting in one by playing it in your house. The player can feel and see a simulated bingo hall as if he were actually present in a real bingo hall. He can also switch between game rooms and switch between any online gaming sites which allows South African citizens to play. He can also interact with fellow players by chatting with them thus socializing and experiencing some great entertainment.

How to find the strategy that works

There are several games available in online casinos, and all of them are different. The type of strategy that works would depend on the game that is being played. The basic rule is to limit yourself to what you can afford to put into the game. While you may be tempted to keep contributing to the amount that you play with, it is not advisable to do so.

The suggestion is that you budget your amount and stop once you reach the limit. You can use any of the strategies that are employed in playing live casino games, when you attempt the same online. These include the Fibonacci, D’Alembert method, Labouchere system or more.

Happy playing! Keeping the best strategy in mind and play your game!