Bingo is basically an entertainment game played by millions of players across the world. Playing bingo online has become quite a rage now and is extremely popular due to the convenience of time and ease of playing by sitting at your home. Playing bingo online provides the player with same amount of fun and excitement and thrill as he would experience playing it physically in a real casino. Apart from playing bingo for fun, you can also play this game for cash and win money prizes. Thus this game provides dual benefit of entertainment along with profit too. There are few bingo games which can be played for free while there are other which you can play using money. Bingo is quite a simple game and can be played by anybody. Bingo is basically a game in which random numbers are selected and called out. And the players need to cross check with the numbers provided in their cards and see if they match and then mark those numbers. Online bingo is very similar with the only difference being that instead of you striking out the called out numbers, the computer does that job for you. The more the numbers marked on your card, higher is the probability of you winning the game. The condition of winning the game is that the numbers which are marked or struck off have to be in a certain pattern. The player whose numbers are marked in the required pattern first wins the game. Playing bingo online is a lot of fun and you get to interact with fellow players also as this is a multiplayer game.

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Bingo game is available in South Africa mostly in the city of Johannesburg. However it is not very popular among the residents of South Africa. How to play bingo? Online sites for playing bingo were not prevalent and there were no legal websites for players to play this game. Online sites for gambling and playing casino games were not yet legalized in South Africa and hence there was not much scope for players to play bingo in the online casino scenario until recently. However those who wish to play this game can play at any of the international websites which offer online casino games and are willing to accommodate South African players in their team. Recently the government of South Africa passed a new bill which helps to legalize and regulate online gambling thus making it possible for players to now play this game. Currently there are 27 South African bingo sites online which the players can log in and play the game and win cash prizes. The currency accepted in South African Online Bingo sites is South African Rands or US Dollars.

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Bingo can be played in an online casino at any time right from the comfort of sitting in your house. Since it is played by players from across the globe it is constantly played round the clock and you can choose any time convenient to you for enjoying this game. The player needs to first sign up in a reputable website offering online casino games. A particular software needs to be then downloaded in your system so that you can start playing the game. All the instructions and procedures will be given to you virtually and you need to follow step by step procedure so that you can begin to play. The player will be allotted a card with random numbers written on it by the bingo game software. Then the online random number generator chooses and picks out numbers from the lot and displays it to the players. If the number picked out by number generator matches with a number on your card then you need to mark that particular number. The game goes on with the number generator picking out random numbers and the players marking the numbers if they have it on their cards. When a player marks all his numbers in the correct winning pattern then he can call out bingo and win the game. This game is very simple and does not require any skill or practice to win it. It is purely based on luck and chance.

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bingo rules

Though, this game is basically played for fun, yet winning it and earning some cash prize would be great. Hence to win a game it is better to choose a game which does not have many players playing in it. Lesser number of people playing the game higher will be the chances of you winning it.

It is very important to choose a reputable website when you wish to play online bingo in South Africa. A reputable and trustworthy website will be sure to pay you your prize money when you win any game.

It is important to update yourself on all the knowledge available on this game so that you get a better understanding of it which improves your chances of winning the game. You can chat with the other players and discuss tips and strategies of this game.

Choose few cards at a time. It is not advisable to take many cards as it then becomes difficult to handle.

Be very attentive when the numbers are called out or displayed so that you do not miss out on the numbers or mark any wrong numbers on your card. Great focus and attention should be paid while playing this game.

Play the game as long as it is advisable to do so. It is beneficial to leave the game while you are on the winning side. Similarly if you are losing the game then it is better to quit and walk away and start a new game afresh.


A Bingo game can have any number of patterns which directs a player to win a game. Few patterns are age old and traditional while few of them have been introduced to the game quite recently. The pattern which will be employed in a particular game is usually set prior to the start of the game. A single player can win 2 jackpots if he wins 2 patterns simultaneously. Or there can be multiple winners also if different players win different patterns in a game. To keep the players interested in the game, most bingo halls keep changing their patterns at regular intervals. Few patterns can get quite complicated and experienced people are in a better position to crack it.  It is very important for the players to be attentive and play close attention to the numbers being called out else there is a chance that a player may reach bingo but not notice it and hence lose out winning the game. It is also better to choose a bingo game where the players are allowed the option of choosing their own cards. For this the player needs to enter the game as early as possible so that he gets the choice of selecting his cards. It is advisable to choose those cards which have the lowest numbers on it. Cards having higher numbers on them should be avoided. Another strategy is to choose cards which contain numbers from 19 to 29 under the column I. For the N column, choose cards having numbers 29 to 39. It is best to not choose cards having numbers greater than 40. However choosing number 40 and above is good for G column of your card. For the O column of the card, it is better to opt for numbers between 60 and 68. Numbers above 70 should be avoided. All these strategies are very beneficial irrespective of the kind of bingo game which you will play. Making use of these strategies in any bingo game will increase your chances of winning the game compared to those players who do not make use of any strategies. The last and most important strategy to play online bingo game is to never play many bingo cards at a time. Choose just enough cards which you can handle at one time. A person can play as many cards he wishes in one game but it would result in lesser efficiency and focus than when he plays using fewer cards. It is always advisable to play with a single card or few cards so that the player can pay close attention to the numbers being called out and hence not miss out any called out numbers. Playing with only those many cards which are easy to handle; this will improve your chances of winning.

Thus, we can say that online bingo is a fun game and very entertaining one which provides lots of excitement to the players. Since online casino games sites are not very prevalent in South Africa, players there need to login to online websites of other countries so as to play this game. Following the above strategies and having luck by your side can easily help you in not only enjoying this game but also win some cash and prize money.