Online Sports Betting in South Africa: What Makes Them Popular


Sports betting has been entirely legal in South Africa since 1965. Horse racing was deemed the first legal form of gambling in the country. But what makes online sports betting so popular among South Africans?

Players love the thrill of watching their favorite sports. And it’s even more exhilarating to bet on your favorite team and wait for the result.

Online betting offers numerous fantastic rewards for bettors. Click here for the best South African betting sites that you could try. Meanwhile, you can check the enticing bonuses that online betting sites have in store for you here.

4 Main Popular Sports Betting Sports In South Africa

Horse Racing

Horse racing is one of the most distinguished online betting sports in South Africa. Official racings have been documented since 1795.


Cricket is one of the most famous team sports in South Africa. South Africa’s national team is recognized as the Proteas.


Rugby is also a very famous sport in South Africa. The country’s national team, the Springboks, has played exceptionally well, seizing the Rugby World Cups in 1995, 2007, and 2019.

Soccer / Football

Soccer or football is the most distinguished sport in South Africa. The greatest betting sites in South Africa offer vast markets for famous sports such as football.

Sports Betting Bonuses And Offers In South Africa

Free Bets

Conditional Bets

In conditional bets, you have to fulfill or follow a specific guideline. These bets depend on the protocols fixed by the sports betting operator. There’s no precise quantity for this bonus bet, but it’ll be great when you acquire it without any payment.

Unconditional Bets

An unconditional bet is a thrilling bonus you can receive from any betting site in South Africa. You can obtain it upon creating an account on the website. A total bet can be an initial free bet without any requirements.

Deposit-based Bets

A deposit-based bet is one of the most prevalent bets you can receive from any online sports betting site. This promotion is a free bet based on the portion you’ve deposited into your account.

Many betting sites also offer upgrades to players who deposit at specific periods. These bettors will obtain particular bonus wagers.

Betting Promotion

Free Cash Bonus

A free cash bonus is an extra fund you can receive and use to put in your bets. Some sites require you to have a particular deposit amount before taking advantage of this promotion.

Matched Bonus

A matched deposit is usually part of a welcome bonus for new players who have created an account. It may also be their continuous promotions for existing players. Gamers will receive a prize of an equal amount upon depositing and reaching the necessary amount on their accounts.

No Deposit Bonus

A no deposit bonus lets players put bets that don’t require the use of their funds or any payment. Gamers will undoubtedly enjoy placing free bets while having an opportunity to boost their profit and win.

Reload Bonus

Reload bonuses are usually given to less fortunate patrons in winnings to urge them to play more. Numerous sites also provide this bonus to bettors who haven’t played in a while and with zero balance.

Welcome / Sign-up Bonus

Sign-up Bonus

One of the most popular promotions and offerings is the welcome or sign-up bonus. Numerous South African sports betting sites give rewards to boost first-time bettors to play and put their bets on their websites. Sign-up bonuses may differ depending on the given specific amount.

100% Bonus

The 100% bonus is a welcome offer that you can obtain as a first-time player of the betting site. This bonus will double your money upon initial deposit.

Free Bets Bonus

Upon signing up, you’ll undoubtedly earn free bet credits that you can discover on your account. Use your free bets on your favorite teams without consuming your deposits or funds.

Sportsbook Promo Codes

Sportsbook promo codes are occasionally texts, numbers, or both. Sports betting sites offer these to bettors for certain rewards they can obtain from online sportsbooks. Bettors can exchange these promo codes for prizes, credits, and bonuses. You can also use the codes to gain free bets to play on these online betting sites.

Sports Betting Still Soaring

Sports betting will always remain the top form of “gambling” in South Africa. People will enjoy watching the sports live or online. And bettors can also benefit and have fun from it.

You can hardly lose from sports betting if you know how to play it right. And you can never lose, especially when you’re enjoying both the physical game and the betting game.

So play smart with a smile. Choose the best online sports betting site that you can benefit from.